Lavande Gifts

Beautifully packaged gifts using artisan, natural, handmade products in wooden boxes!                                       For all occasions, events or corporate gift giving!

Our special collection of gift boxes are specifically intended to keep both the buyer and receiver happy.
Products are natural, hand crafted, artisan, made in small batches, are eco-friendly and contain no toxins. Organic is used when possible. You're helping to support at least four small businesses when you choose one of our boxes!
The re-usable boxes are made of natural wood and get a sprinkle of lavender oil on the inside and a small bunch of dried lavender sprigs on the outside. Others botanics are added and change according to theme and season.
Make showing gratitude simple and choose a box to send today!


Send a unique gift that uses natural, artisan, hand-crafted products in a beautifully packaged wooden box and wrapped in botanics.

Sending love in a box.

We offer several different gift boxes that have been carefully curated and ready for you to choose from.
Customization is also available. Just pick your products and we package them!  With three different box sizes, we can meet all budgets.     
Please let us know if you need help deciding on which box or which products to mix and match. We're here to make the gift giving process simple and fun!

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My Story

Why choose Lavande Gifts....

I was the worst gift giver and never knew what to get my friends and loved ones. But I did know I loved gift baskets, handmade pieces and natural products.  I also love getting more than one gift!

Einstein’s is believed to have said, “ The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


This is the quote and mantra I try to remember when I get stuck!  Corona left a lot of people stuck! But for others, myself included, it was a wake up call and my blessing in disguise!


I wanted to do something that was creative, therapeutic, joyful, progressive and beneficial. I wanted to leave an impact and help others. Hence, Lavande Gifts (my Corona baby) was born. 

I combined my passion for clean products with gift design and came up with Lavande Gifts. I hope you're as happy with my products as I am!


If you make products you'd like us to incorporate into our gift boxes, please reach out as we are always looking for new products.

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Box Love

Loved the box and smell of fresh lavender!

I've never tried lavender tea but it looks and smells so good...can't wait to try.


Mrs. Nasr

I was so surprised when I opened the box and saw so many fancy things to try out.

MA! She got it and it was just perfect. She was overwhelmed, said she didn't want to open it, it's so beautiful. Inshallah I'll be back soon.

Mrs. M.

Isra H.

My coworker loved her birthday box so much!!! Thank you.


That's so cute! I absolutely love. And it smells beyond amazing and I'm obsessed with lavender, pine and baby smelling stuff. So I have like nasal orgasm when I opened the box! I seriously love it.


Your stuff is amazing. Oh I love it. It really cheered me up!

It's absolutely stunning. Literally in love!


Isra Ch.

My friend received her gift box and she loved the personal note. She said, "Wow she does an amazing job! I will definitely order stuff from her!"


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If you're hesitant or confused about the best choice or would like to customize your own gift box, please send us a note to let us know what you're thinking! We're happy to help.

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